Friday, February 19, 2010

Technical Support Request

So, yesterday afternoon I was sitting behind my desk, forgot to lock and seal the door and turn all the lights off, and one of our particularly interesting users appeared in the doorway like the face of doom. She was waving a piece of paper, which, from where I was sitting, looked blank.

"Is there some way that I can write a letter and then save it so that I could use the same letter, perhaps with a few minor changes, at a later date?" (This is not an accurate quote. The real question was much more obtuse, vague, and hard to understand. I am sparing you, dear reader, many details that would cause pain.)

So, I took a deep breath and gave a general explanation of how to create and save a document, and suggested she could simply rename it each time with the date, or something like that. That seemed to interest her, but I could tell she was not satisfied.

"But when I try to type the letter, if I hit 'tab,' it goes into another one of those blocks."


"Are you using Word to write your letter?"

"Yes -- er, no. Excel."

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